The Latest Health & Safety Standards at CBSD

Christine Belpedio’s School of Dance is designed to provide our community with safe in-person instruction as well as providing a clean & healthy environment.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we ask all parents to DROP off their child a few minutes before their class starts,

NO parents are allowed in the studio, unless making a payment. 

When your child enters the studio, they must stop at the office to have their temperatures checked.

If your child has a fever of 100 or higher, Co-Vid like symptoms you will be called to pick them up. 

Students are required to wear a mask, upon entering the dance studio and remain 3 feet apart from other students. 

Your child must leave their street shoes in the lobby and will change into their dance shoes before class. No dance shoes are to be worn outside.

They will be asked to sanitize their hands before entering and exiting the dance studio rooms. We will have sanitizing stations in each studio. 

Water fountains are off limits, so please make sure your child brings a water bottle. No eating is allowed in the studio.

Dressing rooms will be limited, students are not allowed to eat or hang out in the dressing room.  

We will be disinfecting studios in between every class, ballet barre will be wiped down and mats will be sanitized after every use.